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Daily continuous sealing and shrinking packaging m

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Continuous Sealing Heat Shrink Packing Machine:

1, the use of anti-stick temperature of the alloy seal knife, will not be broken, the seal is not coking, do not smoke
2, the machine for the seal and heat shrink between the two.
3, packaging finished conveyor belt automatically output and transfer time adjustable.
4, sealed knife with automatic protection, effectively prevent the wrong packaging, to ensure the safety of the operator.

Product parameters:
Model: FQS-450
Power supply voltage: 220V / 380V 50-60HZ
Heating tube power: 10KW Adjuster
Sealing time: 0-3 seconds
Work efficiency: 500-800pcs / Hour
Machine size: 2450 * 700 * 1400MM
Machine weight: 215KG
Maximum sealing size: L 450 * W 350MM
Maximum packaging size: L450 * W350 * H 200MM

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